FAQ for riders

  1. Where do I park?

Parking for Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls Conservation Area is located at Mizener’s Antiques & Flea Market, 367 Highway 5 West, Dundas L9H 5E2.  There is plenty of parking for visitors.  The shuttle will pick you up from there and drop you off at Tew Falls.  An additional shuttle will run from Tew Falls to Webster Falls, as there is currently no access between the falls and please do not trespass on any private properties.  Your wristband and parking fee covers both shuttles.

  1. What days does the shuttle operate?

The shuttle will run on weekends and holiday Mondays from May 6, 2017 to October 29, 2017.

  1. What does the shuttle cost?

The cost for the shuttle is the same as the regular parking fee and entry fee to Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls, $10 per car for parking and $5 per person admission.  HCA passholders receive two walk-in admissions per pass, but the parking fee will still apply.

  1. Where do I buy wristbands?

A wristband policy will be in effect for all visitors to the conservation area. The wristband will give you access to both shuttle routes.  The shuttle wristbands can be purchased at the parking lot at Mizener’s Antiques & Flea Market, 367 Highway 5 West, Dundas L9H 5E2.  

  1. What forms of payment are accepted?
    Credit card and cash are accepted at the Mizener’s Antiques parking area.  NO DEBIT CARDS at this time.
  1. Do I HAVE to ride the shuttle?

All Hamilton Conservation Authority parking lots at Webster, Tew and Greensville Optimist Park will be closed on weekends and holidays from May 6 to October 31.  The only parking lot available will be at Mizener’s Antiques & Flea Market, 367 Highway 5 West, Dundas L9H 5E2 where there is plenty of spaces available and the shuttle to pick you up and drop you off at the Tew Falls lot. The only access available to the public at Tew or Webster Falls will be walk-in.

  1. What are the hours for the shuttle

The parking lot will open at 9:30 a.m.  The first shuttle will depart at 10 a.m. Shuttle service returning to the Mizener’s Antiques parking lot ends at 6:30 p.m., so please make your way to the bus stop at Tew Falls before the end of service.

  1. How often will the buses come

Buses will run around every 15 minutes from the parking lot at Mizener’s to Tew Falls.  The shuttle between Tew Falls and Webster Falls will run about every 10 minutes.  Weather or traffic conditions may impact travel times so bus times may vary slightly.

  1. How long does the trip take

From the parking lot to Tew Falls should take around 10 minutes, which includes time for people to enter and disembark the shuttle

  1. Where do I wait for the bus

There will be clearly marked locations in Tew Falls and Webster Falls as well as the parking lot.  Look for the “Shuttle Bus” sign and line up areas.

  1. What do I do if I miss the last shuttle

If you lose track of time and miss the last shuttle, you will need to call a local taxi service.  They are: Hamilton Cab – 905-777-7777, Blue Line – 905-525-0000.

  1. Will the buses run in bad weather

The buses will run on a reduced schedule in inclement weather. Should the shuttle service be cancelled, it will be posted on http://webstersfalls.ca/ and www.conservationhamilton.ca and the parking lots will be open at Tew Falls and Webster Falls.

  1. What website should I check before I head out?

The main website for the shuttle service is www.webstersfalls.ca.  Information about the conservation area will be posted on www.conservationhamilton.ca, but information will be cross posted between the two sites.

  1. What can I bring on the bus

No pets, hard sided coolers or other large items are permitted.  Items that can be held on the lap, no larger than the size of a backpack, will be permitted.  This is due to both space constraints and safety of all passengers.  Service dogs will be permitted.

  1. Where do I have my picnic?

Due to the busy nature of Webster and Tew Falls, conditions are not ideal for picnicking.  Christie Lake Conservation Area, located at 1000 Highway 5 West, is the perfect spot to enjoy your picnic after your visit to Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls.  Your wristband will give you free entry into Christie Lake Conservation Area on the day of your visit. Gates are staffed until 6 PM for your entry.

  1. Where can I go swimming?

Access to the water at Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls is not permitted, the creek can have sudden flow changes due to the dam upstream, as well as dangerous currents, slippery rocks and of course, the waterfalls.  Christie Lake Conservation Area, located at 1000 Highway 5 West, offers a 360-metre sandy beach for swimming.  Your wristband will give you free entry into Christie Lake Conservation Area on the day of your visit.  Gates are staffed until 6 PM for your entry.

  1. How long does it take to visit Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls?
    Visitors should allow about two hours if they would like to see Tew Falls, walk to Dundas Peak and shuttle over to see Webster Falls.  If you would like to see just Tew Falls and Webster Falls, allow about an hour, giving time to take the shuttle to Webster Falls.  Please note that good walking or hiking shoes should be worn while exploring the trails.
  1. What should I expect on my visit?
    Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls is a natural area.  Trails are packed earth in most areas and can be difficult to navigate with wheelchairs or strollers.  Good walking or hiking shoes should be worn to explore the trails.  There are washroom facilities at Mizener’s Antiques and Flea Market and porta potties at the conservation area.  You should bring your own water and snacks as there are no areas to purchase these within the conservation area.
  2. What are the rules in the conservation area?
    Visitors should stay on the marked trails at all times.  Do not climb or otherwise bypass fencing, it is there for your safety.  Please stay well back from cliff and escarpment edges.  There is no access to the gorge at this time.  Cycling is not permitted.  No littering, Please pack out what you pack in and take nothing but pictures.  No barbeques or radios are permitted.
  3. I need accessible parking, what do I do?
    As the shuttle is not accessible, visitors with accessible parking permits may park in the Webster Falls lot.  Please note, this is a natural area with packed earth trails and only a small area of the conservation area is accessible by wheelchairs and other mobility aids.